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Formula D Århus

Races 138
Wins 44
Podium Finishes 90
Poles 90
Points   1148
Championships   9
Lap Records   36

Season Car Races Wins Podium Finishes Poles Points Position
2004 car 10378541champion
2005 car 9456402
2006 car 8264732
2007 car 9365881champion
2008 car 10367781champion
2009 car 9365702
2010 car 10076703
2011 car 10347951champion
2012 car 10475881champion
2013 car 10477951champion
2014 car 10687851champion
2015 car 9145685
2016 car 10277901champion
2017 car 105781081champion
2018 car 4133461

Race Details

Season Date Track GridPosition
2004January 11.Zandvoort 116
2004February 15.Jubilæums-banen12
2004March 23.Monaco12
2004April 14.Laguna Seca1*udg. 3 omg. bremser
2004May 12.Suzuka12
2004June 16.Estoril12
2004July 12.Montreal1*1
2004August 25.Indianapolis11
2004September 20.Hungaroring51
2004October 18.Spa-Franchorchamps25
2005January 12.Magny-Cours11
2005February 17.Montreal95
2005March 9.Imola35
2005April 13.Watkins Glen31
2005May 11.Zeltweg11
2005June 1.Long Beach11
2005July 13.Estoril1*2
2005August 10.Sepang1*6
2005October 10.Jubilæums-banen17
2006January 12.Hungaroring1*2
2006February 15.Portland1*Udg. 2 omg.
2006April 5.Melbourne1*3
2006June 8.Elkhart Lake42
2006July 13.Imola31
2006August 16.Zeltweg35
2006September 13.Interlagos11
2006October 4.Jubilæums-banen43
2007January 10.Kyalami11
2007February 7.Portland14
2007March 7.Zandvoort 273
2007May 15.Daytona Beach1*2
2007June 13.Elkhart Lake32
2007July 18.Detroit11
2007August 16.Spa-Franchorchamps11
2007September 20.Hockenheim46
2007October 16.Imola2Udg. 1. omg. dæk
2008January 10.Zandvoort 1+225
2008February 6.Watkins Glen13
2008March 5.Indianapolis1*2
2008April 9.Sepang15
2008May 14.Long Beach1*1
2008June 11.Melbourne21
2008July 7.Imola1*4
2008August 6.Portland13
2008September 9.Buenos Aires11
2008October 10.Hungaroring74
2009January 7.Nürburgring1*6
2009March 9.Estoril46
2009April 27.Suzuka11
2009May 18.Daytona Beach11
2009July 13.Indianapolis21
2009August 10.Zandvoort 214
2009September 7.Bahrain22
2009November 2.Barcelona32
2009December 7.Hockenheim12
2010January 6.Imola24
2010February 17.Laguna Seca13
2010March 24.Hockenheim62
2010April 21.Zandvoort 21*4
2010May 19.Buenos Aires22
2010June 16.Barcelona1*2
2010July 1.Interlagos1*6
2010August 11.Detroit63
2010September 9.Zandvoort 1+213
2010October 7.Suzuka1*2
2011January 17.Valencia1*1
2011February 7.Watkins Glen1Udg. 1. omg.
2011March 7.Kyalami11
2011April 4.Race City79
2011May 2.Zeltweg15
2011June 6.Daytona Beach34
2011July 11.Sebring12
2011August 8.Bahrain25
2011September 6.Interlagos1Udg. 2. omg. dæk
2011November 17.Magny-Cours11
2012January 10.Zandvoort 213
2012February 23.Chicago23
2012March 22.Buenos Aires (kort)1*1
2012April 19.Indianapolis11
2012May 15.Elkhart Lake14
2012June 11.Sebring5Udg. 2. omg. dæk
2012July 30.Shanghai3Udg. 2. omg. karo
2012August 8.Jubilæums-banen12
2012September 6.Estoril21
2012October 30.Jyllandsringen21
2013January 21.Jyllandsringen16
2013February 21.Lexington21
2013March 18.Detroit (kort)1*1
2013April 16.Detroit1*1
2013May 27.Indianapolis12
2013June 24.Zandvoort 11*2
2013July 30.Atlanta11
2013August 19.Imola47
2013September 2.Watkins Glen (kort)33
2013October 28.Interlagos15
2014January 22.Baltimore1*1
2014February 20.Zandvoort 112
2014March 6.Watkins Glen (kort)11
2014April 3.Buenos Aires12
2014May 1.Monza1Udg. 3. omg. dæk
2014June 12.Chicago21
2014August 14.Silverstone1*1
2014September 18.Zandvoort 1+221
2014October 2.Suzuka41
2014November 27.Lexington (kort)1*4
2015January 19.Daytona Beach22
2015March 16.Zeltweg1*1
2015April 16.Buenos Aires (kort)1Udg. 2. omg. motor
2015May 28.Bahrain12
2015June 11.Singapore1*2
2015August 17.Magny-Cours3Udg. 3. omg. karo.
2015September 15.Buenos Aires1*4
2015October 27.New Jersey5Udg. 3. omg. karo.
2015November 24.Monza24
2016January 26.Buenos Aires14
2016February 23.Lexington11
2016March 8.Zhuhaï1*2
2016April 19.Chicago13
2016May 3.Kyalami22
2016June 14.Portland24
2016August 23.Connemara1*4
2016September 20.Zandvoort 241
2016October 10.Estoril13
2016November 2.Jyllandsringen12
2017January 23.New Jersey2Udg. 3. omg., dæk
2017February 20.Spa-Franchorchamps1*Udg. 3. omg. bremser
2017March 6.Detroit1Udg. 2. omg. karo.
2017April 3.Monaco1*2
2017May 1.Watkins Glen1*1
2017June 1.Lexington (kort)11
2017August 21.Zandvoort 211
2017September 18.Watkins Glen (kort)1*1
2017October 24.Hockenheim(2009)31
2017November 21.Daytona Beach12
2018January 23.Buddh1*2
2018March 6.Nevada Ride1*1
2018March 20.Hockenheim(2009)1*2
2018April 24.Zandvoort 1+224
Lap records are marked with *

Århus Open

Races 4
Wins 0
Podium Finishes 2
Poles 3
Points   12062
Lap Records   2

Season Car Races Wins Podium Finishes Poles Points Position
2009 car 2002505
2012 car 2021120122

Race Details

Season Date Track GridPosition
2009June 1.Monza1*5
2009June 1.Sebring1Udg. 1. omg. dæk
2012June 24.Jyllandsringen1*2
2012June 24.Zandvoort 222
Lap records are marked with *